The Face of The Party

It’s time to face forward and become the Face of The Party with the experience of our Facial Services. We have simplified our facial selection to help you better find the service for your needs.

Love your face again with one of our awesome facials.

Let’s Start with the Basics

The Basics include the following options:
- Deep Clean Facial  (60min)
- Express Facial (30min)

Our Deep Clean facial is the foundation of all of our facial offerings. We recommend every client start with this facial when they first get a facial from us. This facial comes with a Skin analysis and consult on your needs on your first visit. Followed by steam, a multi-step cleanse, extractions, exfoliation, toning, custom mask, and moisture protection in a relaxing and rejuvenating treatment to give your face the best cleaning possible and increase results in at home regimen.


This facial is recommended as the first facial treatment with us, however, if you do not need any advanced treatments then this facial may be your recommended monthly facial.

Our Express facial is simple yet impactful. This facial is for anyone that just want a quick jump start to boost their at home regimens or are coming for a Mid- Month enhancer. This facial includes steam, cleanse, exfoliation, toning, mask, and moisture protection. Or a Mid- Month enhancer that includes steam, cleanse, moisture protection and LED, High Frequency, or Physical skin tightening.

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Advanced techniques Body Party Signature Facials

Chemical Peels
(This Services is not available as a first time option for clients we have not done at least a deep clean facial on. For best results for clients, it is our policy to not service a chemical peel on skin we have not serviced prior)

Body Party Signature Facials  (90min)
All signature facials include
Steam| Multi-step Cleansing| Extractions| Exfoliation| Enzymes| Custom Mask| Targeted Serum| Moisture Protection
May include machines and/or tools depending on client need.
[Derma-planing derma glow, Microdermabrasion, Hydrodermabrasion]
Signature facials are for the following:
- Dull and uneven skin texture
- Acne
- Anti- Aging
- Hyperpigmentation

Skin Tag (DPN) Treatment

Facial DPN session
Body DPN session
Single Tag

The treatment of DPN aka moles and skin tags. This service is absolutely a game changer. DPN stands for Dermatosis papillose  Nagra and it is usually found on the face and neck but can also be located all over the body. DPN is non-cancerous and is usually caused by genetics. These imperfections are typically not painful but can be pesky and unflattering.  So here is the good news, we have the perfect solution for you right here in our studio in a non invasive, fast and effective service and we are now accepting appointments for this service. We can’t to make you the face of the party
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