Current Specials

current specials

New Safety Precautions

1. Everyone Must wear a mask or purchase one upon arrival also you must wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before being serviced
2. Must not have a fever (99.7 or higher) or any cold or flu symptoms (temp checks will be given to all clients)
3. No additional guests unless they are getting a service anymore (we are sooo sorry about this one bc we know y’all love the moral support)
4. No more sitting in the waiting area, if you are early please come check in and wait in the car until your appointment time (we know this one sucks
5. You must confirm your appointment by noon the day before or it will be canceled (same as before just restating)
6. If you confirm your appointment you are responsible for 100% of your service regardless of you come or not because YOU confirmed saying you could make the time that you selected and essentially took an appointment time someone else could’ve had (same as before but we will strictly enforce this and you must pay before you can be seen again) but if something do come up just give us a call or cancel online that’s all we ask.
7. Check out our website for all up to date information, pricing, services, products etc. things to consider before your services etc.
8. We have an online shop where you can purchase all your favorite products to be shipped directly to you or picked up in the store (check it out and pick up a product or two



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